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The Glamour of Punta Cana: Jasmine and Giovanny’s Beach Wedding

Nothing is more irresistible than saying I Do in the serenading music of the waves and the gorgeous sights of the sea. Jasmine and Giovanny, for instance, agreed to tie the knot at the enchanting coasts of Punta Cana.
May 18, 2020

G & V Bohemian Greek Love Story

In an unprecedented turn of events Vasily Goldstein and Gal Golbert fell in love while serving in the Israeli army. Vasily and Gal dated for a period of 7 years before Vasily a generally shy man went down on one knee to propose to her, and she said yes!

March 29, 2020

The Marrakesh Edit

The bridal wedding photoshoot took place in Marrakesh, a walled medieval city dating back to the Berber Empire. The grand city offers amazing locations that blended with the concept of the bridal collection.
March 12, 2020

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Barefoot Jewelry that is perfect for any Bohemian Soul

Are you the type of bride who loves the idea of getting married on the beach? Love the feeling on your toes as you walk barefoot through the sand? If you do, then you are definitely want to take a look at our range of barefoot jewelry.
Nelipots wedding foot jewelry is designed to be the ideal alternative to beach wedding shoes. The perfect boho bridal jewelry, you can wear these beautiful pieces as barefoot sandals for wedding.
Not only does wedding foot jewelry allow you to feel free, to feel grounded, and to feel free to express yourself, it is also a stunning and beautiful addition to any wedding outfit. Particularly when you pair it with ankle bracelets and also some stunning bridal earrings too.
We know that you not only want to look elegant and ethereal on your special day but that you also want to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we have put together our exquisite range of jewelry.
Delicate and feminine, our boho bridal jewelry is designed to let your spirit feel free. To skip out on tradition, but still, make sure that you feel effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day. With our help, you can let your soul smile from your head to your toes, freeing you to walk through the sand with the love of your life, or perhaps even to let the waves crash against your feet.
Embrace the beauty of boho, with our endless range of breath-taking jewelry. Whether it is our alternative to bridal footwear, our hair combs, ankle bracelets, earrings, or bridal bracelets. You can be sure that every inch of your body will feel amazing and that you will feel as free as you can, letting your mind and spirit soar.