Destination weddings have suddenly become accessible to people around the world; it is because of efforts of tourism departments as well as the efforts of tourism agencies that have opened new corridors to the world. Santorini, the Greek Island famous for its white domed buildings and rustic architecture provides the one of the most sought after venues for rustic bohemian themed weddings. With impressive open air arrangement that directly lets in the views of God’s creations, Santorini marks its spot in the list of impressive destination wedding venues. You could be taking your vows in the pebbled stoned pathways with light shining bright over your heads or on the terrace of your favorite hotel with a view you couldn’t fathom if you hadn’t seen it – Gal and Vasily took it upon themselves to create memories of their new life as they took their wedding to Santorini.


 In an unprecedented turn of events Vasily Golbert and Gal Goldstein fell in love while serving in the Israeli army. Vasily and Gal dated for a period of 7 years before Vasily a generally shy man went down on one knee to propose to her, and she said yes!

They got engaged in April 2018, and tied the knot in September 2019 at the most whimsical venue on Earth – Santorini. Gal and Vasily wanted to get married surrounded by most intimate family members and friends, but in Israel the weddings usually comprise of 100 to 600 guests a number that overwhelmed both the bride and groom. To curb down their anxiety levels and not to be rude while also fulfilling the dream of bride, Gal and Vasily opted for a destination wedding. This meant fulfilling Gal’s dream of tying the knot near the sea or ocean while also featuring the rustic bohemian vibe which could never be better attained than at the beach.


My must have was- to do it on the actual beach. As I am a beach lover. The meaning of my name, Gal, means a wave (in the ocean/sea).


Gal whose name translates into ‘wave’ always wanted to get married on the beach with a bohemian vibe ever since she could think of getting married. The couple opted for an overseas wedding where their prime focus was on getting an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing venue. Some place that was equally breathtaking and easy on the budget. While, Santorini was not specifically easy on the pocket it was extremely instgrammable. Gal did her thorough research on Instagram as she chose photographers whose work was passionate and exciting. After looking at their work, Gal wanted to work with them for her wedding shoot.The final result and quality of their work is just amazing. According to newlyweds Phosart photography is the most professional team who produces images and videos that have finesse, class, and are breathtaking. Although on the day of the shoot she did experience the little bridezilla moment when she came back home to no food but as far as the pictures were concerned Gal had the most amazing Bohemian Vibe wedding photos any bride could ever wish upon. From silhouettes against the sunset to intimate moments in the pebbled alleys of Santorini, she could easily put them up in a feature magazine!


Bohemian Bohemian and more bohemian. I wanted everything to be natural as possible. To enjoy the beauty of Santorini and the beach and not to make it too polished



Be chilled as much as possible. Don’t get anxious from small and irrelevant things. Try to focus on yours and your hubby happiness and make this day as much fun as possible


bohemian_beach _wedding


Since it was a destination wedding Gal needed a place for herself and friends to stay at, so she chose one of the beautiful villas she had looked up online. Gal planned her destination wedding by looking up for wedding venues that had their own private beach so they could have the perfect bohemian wedding with the luxury of modern necessities. Akro restaurant checked all the criteria for their minimalistic bohemian wedding venue – and as a cherry on top its owner was extremely kind and understanding that made the process super smooth and comfortable. Wedding planner was Marvelous weddings who did their best to arrange a small warm place for 16 people on the Akro terrace with a halter decorated with olive leaves setting. It was like straight out of a movie.








My favorite moment was the ceremony. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I was also very emotional. I couldn’t stop crying (from excitement and happiness of course.).I think it’s the first time in my life that I cried from happiness



Gal and Vasily made the choice of having a destination wedding which meant most of their budget was designated for the venue arrangements and accommodation – so they decided to go easy on their outfits. Gal chose a gown from Revolve which was a beautiful sheer white wedding gown made from net with a halter neck and ruffled trail. It looked ethereal on her. She paired her minimal fish net dress with HOKULANI barefoot sandals which were her favorite detail to the whole gypsy slash bohemian wedding style.


Your barefoot sandals!!!! They were unique, special, and made me feel so comfortable and even more bohemian.




 These sole-less rhinestone sandals notched up the beach wedding photographs by 10 folds. Photographers were surprised to see that they lasted the whole day, and they still are in perfect condition. She says, she loved the dainty vibe that those sandals brought to complete her much wanted whimsical look.

Gal was one of those few lucky girls who had the opportunity to wear the jewelry their husbands to be designed for them. Since her husband Vasily had worked in the diamond dealing industry Gal wore the jewelry he had solely designed for his wife to be.



Brides make up was done by Natalia Milanova who is known for her artistic skills around the world. Gal found her through Instagram, despite being located in Moscow Natalia traveled all the way from there to Greece for doing Gal’s makeup and hair for one night. But it’s the final look that matters at the end of the day and our beautiful bohemian bride was more than pleased with her dusty gold makeup and lazy spiral hairdo for her big day.



All in all her wedding day theme featured floral and greenery. It was picture perfect as far as having your loved ones near you was concerned. Gal and Vasily tied the knot on the beach, they cherished each moment that they had spent together and all others that were to come. We wish Gal and Vasily a happily ever after!


I'm thankful and blessed to have had my dream wedding exactly like I pictured 

Wedding Planner: Marvelous Wedding 
Grooms Suit: Male Box
Photography: Phosart
March 29, 2020

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