Last year the bridal fashion revolved around dramatic cuts and stirred a royal touch. However, entering 2020 the bridal fashion trends have completely evolved into fresh alternatives. There are new interpretations seen in the bridal world. A whole new level of tailoring, silhouettes and styles with wedding worthy accessories is what this year is all about. Taking this new perspective of fashion forward bride, we took a part at the one of the most astounding wedding shoots of the season. 

Diving into the timeless and picturesque locations in Morocco, the whole team took a 360 degree spin to plunge into something classy. The entire shoot was collaborated with a bunch of talented people who made it into an experience to remember. The bridal wedding photoshoot took place in Marrakesh, a walled medieval city dating back to the Berber Empire. The grand city offers amazing locations that blended with the concept of the bridal collection.

The Big Idea

The whole concept of the photoshoot in Marrakesh came to the talented bridal dress designer Laura Schivo. Her collection was inspired from Moroccan architecture which made Marrakesh the perfect location for the shoot. The photographer Aneta Lehotska was also struck with the medieval beauty of Marrakesh. The underlying notion revolved around the fact that a bride-to-be should get a new outlook for their wedding.

One of the most prominent aspects of the wedding line was its graphic patterns and color palette. The biggest mainstay in the bridal fashion trend is the lacey numbers. Laura’s collection is a new take on the laces with patterns from the Moroccan tiles and arches. The architecture served as the major revelation behind the entire collection.

designer_wedding_dress_in Morocco


The line was a breath of fresh air, but without any floral laces in the collection. They were replaced by traditional motifs and mystic patterns with classy Moroccan vibes.

Rousing Muses

One of the most noticeable factors in the line was the shades of nudes and the traditional white. You can say buff in the new blush this season! This color palette blended nicely with the earthy tones of the architecture and gave the dresses just the right amount of oomph factor to stand out.



The Luxurious Setting

One of the primary locations for the photoshoot was the Agafy Desert Luxury Camp. It offers an unexpected luxurious experience in isolated surroundings. The nature of the setting was a perfect contrast with the bridal line. It ticked off all the elements in the collection; luxury, elegance and sophistication.



The calm and serene shots of the photoshoot were taken at the Riad Dar-K. It is an elegant and peaceful oasis with traditional and modern architecture. The sun played so well with the dresses and shone on the model’s skin like a blanket of intimacy.



The remaining shots were taken at a number of local spots in Marrakesh. The location acted as a great backdrop in the photos. The shops, street lamps, Moroccan carpets and porcelain were wonderful props and nuances in the shoot. 

The Beautiful Faces

The blush nudes and lacey dressed were exhibited by three models. Bertile, one of our stunning models was adorned with flowy silhouettes and raving graphic laced blouses. She stood out in the glamorous white dress with a plunging neckline in the middle of the desert with a camel on her side while the sun shone beautifully on her skin, adding a unique Moroccan desert vibe.


Jayjayninaa’s attire was a striking dress with3D flowers on sheer fabric against classic arched windows in the background. Swooning in romantic vibes, our girl adorned the dress to perfection with her beauty.



Lastly, Tony was our male model who was photographed as the groom. He added a sprinkle of romance to the couple photoshoot. We must say that his sparkling eyes and oh-so- beautiful smile made us melt! Tony was the epitome of perfection in all the couple shots.



Our handsome groom’s collection was from Atelier Torino. They pride themselves in vintage style suits, perfect for city and get-away wedding events. Not to forget, the handmade wooden fly by Herrfliege was utterly vintage and traditional with a modern touch.

 Glamming it Up

Apart from the stunning models and beautiful wedding collection, what really tied the whole shoot together was attention to details. One can see it clearly, all kinds of accessories that strike out in the photoshoot. From barefoot sandals from Nelipots to amazing bridal bikinis from Arson Wear, everything was tied together in a cute knot to add depth in photos.


Crystal barefoot sandals by Nelipots made the dresses look chic, adding a bit of bohemian vibe to them. The glamorous accessory range matched perfectly with each look. The fact that each piece is made by hand makes it even more special. All the accessories are unique and classy, enough to make any bride feel like a princess on her big day.

bohemian _pearl_anklets_for_beach_weddings

Be it a real wedding or a photoshoot, none of it is ever complete without the rings. For this shoot, the rings were provided by Mariage. They have a timeless collection of wedding bands in all shapes and styles.



All natural flower bouquets were provided by Le Kiosque à Fleurs Marrakech. Their flowers added a freshness of colors and harmony to the wedding photoshoot. The greens in the flowers combined with the muted desert tones brought the whole picture together.



Indeed, it was an experience to remember for all participants in the wedding

shoot. It could not have been possible without the wonderful and talented team on the project. Also, we are sold on the mesmerizing and breathtaking spots around Marrakesh. It is a complete delight!



Bridal dress designer: Laura Schivo
Hair&Make Up: Lima Make Up
Grooms attire:
Wooden bow tie:
Wedding rings: Mariage
Bikinis: Arson Wear
Barefoot Sandals : Nelipots
Hotel: Riad Dar-K


March 12, 2020

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