Saying I Do to a lifetime of love and commitment is already a special moment in itself. By adding some stunning elements in the equation such as gorgeous location, supportive loved ones, and well-planned details, you’re bound to have a wedding that deserves a beautiful spot in your precious memories. Celebrated with the tropical charm and finest scenes of the Cayman Islands, this wedding that we’re about to introduce is a day filled with pure joy and magical moments!


When Matt and I had started planning our wedding I had two requests… one, to marry Matt and two, to do so barefoot

 Considering how their relationship went through, Meredith and Matt decided to tie the knot in a place that’s filled with sentimental value. The Cayman Islands captured the hearts of this couple through its pristine beaches, picturesque sea views, and luxurious vibe.


Favors - Homemade jars of Cayman sand with custom tags by Steph B. & Co.


Theme - tropical. Flowers -King Protea and monstera leafs.


Carrot, Pineapple and Coconut Cake with white chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream

Aside from being a breathtaking paradise, this destination is infused with world-class venues, savvy wedding vendors, and friendly locals. But more than anything else, this bride and groom chose this Caribbean jewel as their wedding destination because this is where they first met each other.



We always knew we wanted to get married in Grand Cayman. The venue where we first met had closed down but relaxed and elegant atmosphere of The Caribbean Club was even more perfect than we could have imagined!

 The Noteworthy Details

When asked about what makes their wedding unique, the bride mentioned that when they were still planning their big day, she made two requests. Meredith quipped that her requests are: first, to marry Matt and second is to do it barefoot.


Aside from being a setting of their spontaneous ‘meet cute’, an island has always been a sort of place where the significant milestones of their relationship took place. Considering themselves as thalassophiles, the couple has also experienced immersing themselves in a beach lifestyle through living in a coastal setting.


And oh, let’s not forget the fact that a certain island destination is also the setting where Meredith said “Yes!” when Matt finally popped the question. Therefore, the pair’s decision to tie the knot with sand on their feet is not much of a surprise for their close family and friends.

The bride and groom are pretty laidback in demeanor and there’s no doubt that their chill personality is evident when it comes to the whole planning process of their wedding. Though the couple decided to exchange their vows in an alfresco way, Meredith still desired to add some touch of glamour to the big day’s details. For instance, the gorgeous bride decided to show off her stunning personality with her alluring gown and unique accessories.

My biggest piece of advice for brides is to save any stresses for the planning and when you arrive for your wedding week, go with the flow
It was the only dress I cried in so their was no denying it was My Dress!

It is actually our pleasure that Meredith trusted us to provide her accessories through the whole set of FIFI collection which includes an elegant foot jewelry, earrings, and bracelet.


 With the goal of aligning with the bride’s top wedding goals, the intricate barefoot sandals that she selected is the best finishing touch for her overall bridal look. While optimizing comfort and glamour, the jewel-enlaced footwear from FIFI collection is indeed a perfect choice for women who want to get hitched with sand under their feet. And oh, let’s not forget how the bracelet from the same jewelry collection highlighted Meredith’s breathtaking beauty and charming personality!


 Of course, what made the big event much more enjoyable to the couple is the fact that they left behind all the stresses of planning and just cheerfully went along with the flow during their wedding week. Even though their flight to Grand Cayman was delayed for ten hours, they felt that they don’t need to worry about anything. As for their recommendation to future brides and grooms, the couple advised that trusting their Dream Team to take care of everything is a must.


Regarding the honeymoon, Meredith and Matt spent a few days in Grand Cayman before and after their destination wedding. They also went to Hawaii, where Meredith got to wear her wedding dress that was hemmed to cocktail-length. With a picture-perfect wedding and an intimate honeymoon in their favorite islands, these lovebirds have nothing else to ask for.

When asked if they would change anything about their wedding, the bride admitted that she might have changed her hairstyle and the amount of blush on the décor. But mostly, these minuscule details did not really matter, as both groom and bride felt that they had the most romantic and meaningful wedding they could ever have.

I Don't Dance sung by Andrew Boza (bride's God Brother)

Their favorite moment – their first dance with music by Trinity and vocals by the bride’s godbrother – was a testimony to the couple’s love for each other, the main point of the whole event. Meredith and Matt felt as if the world has melted away as if it was only the two of them. Who could deny how romantic this is?


The Start of Forever

With all the lovely memories that they took home after their big day, Matt and Meredith exemplified how every couple should spend their wedding. They simply cherished every little moment because the important thing is that they are at the beginning of their happily ever after!


Wedding Planner: Dora | Celebrations
Marriage Officiant: Brides Uncle | Dave Campbell
Rock Gorgeous | Kadian & Natalie
Flowers: King Protea and monstera leafs |Celebrations
Live Music: Trinity
DJ: Craig | OneWorld
Dress: Hayley Paige
Grooms Suit: Brook Brothers
February 04, 2020

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