Barefoot Sandals: The Must Have Accessory for a Beach Bride

Imagine your big day, stood on white sandy beaches, the tropical and tranquil sea behind you, yet you can’t let the sand sink beneath your toes or paddle in the sea holding your dress at the knee, because of the fear of ruining your footwear. Barefoot sandals enable you to fully take advantage of your wedding day beach location, by freeing your feet while enhancing your beautiful Boho style perfectly.

Creating Stunning Images

On your wedding day nothing should hold you back from enjoying yourself and making the most of the beautiful setting you have chosen to host your big day. Not only will you be able to fully enjoy and take advantage of your surroundings with barefoot sandals, but you will also be able to capture images you might not have been able to create when wearing ordinary shoes. Capture a beautiful moment stood in the sea with your new husband, with the turquoise blue sea and the stunning skyline behind you as you embrace. There is something just so charming about bare feet that will further enhance the images created to be cherished on the big day.

Boho Bridal Style

Nothing works more wonderfully for a beach wedding than Boho influenced styling. With intricate beading, barefoot wedding sandals sit delicately on the top of the feet, secured around the ankle and looping round a single toe. Choose a delicate single strand of beads and gems, or more elaborate designs to compliment your look perfectly. Boho style and beach weddings go hand in hand, and barefoot sandals can be worn with elaborate or simple dresses. Our favorite bridal beach look is a simple but pretty lace dress that skims the body, teamed with a delicate floral garland worn on the crown of the head and eye-catching jewelled barefoot sandals. 

Ultimate Comfort  

So many brides forget to take comfort into consideration; feeling like the look and feel of everything shouldn’t be compromised for anything. With barefoot bridal sandals there is no compromise, and your experience is only enhanced. Style is key with each and every pair being carefully handmade with great attention to detail, yet ultimate comfort is also achieved. Perfect for wearing on the sand and in the sea, barefoot beach sandals can be worn all day long for weddings based on the beach, or worn for the beach ceremony and swapped for a pair of heeled sandals for the evening. Acting as beautiful jewellery for the feet, delicate decoration including an anklet and toe ring adorn the feet to enhance the bridal beach style.Browse our unique range of barefoot sandals now. 


May 05, 2016